Cultivate Mature Masculinity Men’s Group

Cultivate Mature Masculinity is an ongoing, facilitated group where we discuss, embrace and explore issues that men often struggle with. Together we explore the challenges of life, including relationships, communications, loneliness, grief, fatherhood, anger, shame, aging, self-judgement, fear, career challenges and what it means to cultivate mature masculinity. Our goal is to connect, support each other and transform our masculinity to create lives with more meaning, vitality, wisdom and connection. By sharing our stories and witnessing and supporting each other’s experiences, we cultivate a deeper sense of our unique expressions of masculinity and learn how we can experience life to the absolute fullest by exploring ourselves and our world with compassion and heart and soul.

Join us. Commit to the challenge. Transform into the mature, divine, masculine man you are meant to be!

Group Details:
Suggested Donation: $15

Tuesdays (2nd & 4th Tuesdays) Starting June 26th, 2018
The Evergreen Building
18021 15th Ave NE, Suite 101
Shoreline, WA 98155

Join and RSVP via our Meetup Group!