Yep, You’re Unlovable – End of Story?

Let’s face it. No-one know better all the unkind things you’ve done to yourself and others in the past which “should” and “does” disqualify you from deserving love? The things many of us have done in the past that disqualifies us from deserving love might include:

  • Boasting about accomplishing things that you didn’t really accomplish […]
    • Telling white lies (embellishing) to make yourself look good (projecting your image of yourself)
    • Boasting about accomplishing things that you didn’t really accomplish […]
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    Inaugural “Cultivate Mature Masculinity” Group Meeting!

    I’m excited to celebrate completing the very first “Cultivate Mature Masculinity Meetup” group meeting! Our first meeting (on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018) was terrific. We had a small but mighty group of four men who spoke about our current life and relationship challenges, listened to each other and offered and received support. It feels great to meet regularly – to really know and feel in your gut that other men struggle with the same challenges that you […]

    Cultivating Uncertainty

    Tony Robbins’ list of Six Human Needs he believes we all share include:

    • Certainty/Comfort
    • Uncertainty/Variety
    • Significance
    • Love & Connection
    • Growth
    • Contribution

    Uncertainty is generally healthy for most of us, especially if it occurs as “variety.” Variety generally has a positive connotation and as such doesn’t feel threatening. “Do I want to go to a movie, or stay home and watch a video?” you might ask yourself.” “Do I want to go to Costa Rica or Montreal for vacation this year?” you may discuss with […]

    The Art of Listening

    I’ve been thinking more and more about listening lately. Not just hearing but truly listening. Listening with curiosity. Listening with presence. Four categories of listening that come to mind for me include:

    – Self Listening
    – Relationship Listening
    – Spiritual Listening

    Self Listening

    Self Listening can be described as our attempt to make meaning by evaluating how current situations made up of incoming communications and sensory information compare and contrast against the elaborate story we currently believe about ourselves, so that […]

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    We’re Ambassadors of Vision and Love

    By Roderick Overman

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about who we human beings really are. About why we’re here. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually very simple – We are ambassadors of vision and love.

    On the surface it appears we’re all daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, clerks, restaurant workers, construction workers, baristas, bank tellers, clients and patients, marketing representatives, managers, computer programmers, web developers, naturopaths, corporate executives, lawyers etc. etc. It appears as though some may […]

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    Create a Positive Mood with Gratitude & Appreciation

    By Roderick Overman

    Shawn Achor, T.E.D. Talk speaker and author of the “Happiness Advantage” outlined five simple activities (centered around being grateful) you can do to put yourself into a grateful, appreciative and ultimately positive state of mind.

    I describe being grateful and appreciative as:  Truly feeling thankful for each other, for what we have in our personal and professional lives and even for the challenges that come up in our lives, and expressing that thankfulness to others in the physical world in […]

    Book Review:  Never Eat Alone

    Author: Keith Ferrazzi, Founder & CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight

    There are literally thousands of ways to accelerate your effectiveness as an individual, professional, business owner, community leader or CEO – but none potentially as effective as building real, genuine relationships with others.

    In his book “Never Eat Alone: And other secrets to success, one relationship at a time,” Keith Ferrazzi, founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a marketing and sales consulting company, outlines an approach to connecting with others and building relationships […]

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