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What are you tolerating? Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate everything in your relationships, career, family, health and finances, etc. that you are tolerating or “putting up with?” There is a way to create Personal Freedom!

Personal Freedom: Identify, prioritize and eliminate tolerations. You’ll love how you feel!


Feeling unproductive, unmotivated and uninspired? Do you miss feeling the passion, adventure and purpose of your life each and every day? Wouldn’t it be great to re-establish a deep passion within your current relationship, or create a fabulous new relationship? Your life is waiting, and there is a way forward to Personal Momentum!

Personal Momentum: Reconnect to your purpose and dreams – then begin rapidly achieving goals that move you towards a powerful and purposeful life! You’ll feel inspired, confident and fulfilled!


Having trouble shaking off the past? Feel like you are bumping into the same old patterns and challenges that keep you stuck and frozen on your ladder of life?

How would it feel to identify and remove those conscious and unconscious mental, emotional and spiritual barriers to feeling free to choose yourself and your life powerfully and completely? Well you can through Personal Authenticity!

Personal Clarity: Clear your mental, emotional and spiritual past to once again experience full empowerment and engagement! You’ll feel fully reinvigorated and alive again!


So you’ve done the work, cleared your tolerations, reconnected to your values and purpose and have been setting and getting goals, cleared old conscious and unconscious patterns to regain clarity. Now you’re ready to move powerfully into your new future – but are frustrated and discouraged at being constantly pulled back to the past. Back into the old patterns and ways of being that you know don’t serve?

Wouldn’t it be great to free yourself from these forces and complete your transition to the new, more purposeful, powerful and engaged you? Well there is. Take the final step with Personal Empowerment!

Personal Empowerment: Break free from the old paradigm of your life to fully and completely free yourself to move powerfully into your new future! You’ll love how you feel!


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Yep, You’re Unlovable – End of Story?

March 25th, 2023|0 Comments

Let’s face it. No-one know better all the unkind things you’ve done to yourself and others in the past which “should” and “does” disqualify you from deserving love? The things many of us have done in the past that disqualifies us from deserving love might include:

  • Telling white lies (embellishing) to make yourself look good (projecting your […]
    • Telling white lies (embellishing) to make yourself look good (projecting your […]

Inaugural “Cultivate Mature Masculinity” Group Meeting!

June 27th, 2018|0 Comments

I’m excited to celebrate completing the very first “Cultivate Mature Masculinity Meetup” group meeting! Our first meeting (on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018) was terrific. We had a small but mighty group of four men who spoke about our current life and relationship challenges, listened to each other and offered and received support. It feels great to meet regularly – to really know […]

Cultivating Uncertainty

June 17th, 2018|0 Comments

Tony Robbins’ list of Six Human Needs he believes we all share include:

  • Certainty/Comfort
  • Uncertainty/Variety
  • Significance
  • Love & Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Uncertainty is generally healthy for most of us, especially if it occurs as “variety.” Variety generally has a positive connotation and as such doesn’t feel threatening. “Do I want to go to a movie, or stay home and watch a video?” you might ask yourself.” “Do I want […]