I’m excited to celebrate completing the very first “Cultivate Mature Masculinity Meetup” group meeting! Our first meeting (on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018) was terrific. We had a small but mighty group of four men who spoke about our current life and relationship challenges, listened to each other and offered and received support. It feels great to meet regularly – to really know and feel in your gut that other men struggle with the same challenges that you do. We encourage listening and when appropriate, asking questions that help each other clarify our own understanding of our own challenges, thus putting us in a better position to cultivate richer, more satisfying lives for ourselves, our families, our relationships. Ultimately we must come up with our own answers and healthy responses to our own life challenges, but it sure makes the journey easier to have help along the way!

Meeting Format

  • Initial Round of Check-In’s – Men check in regarding how things are going for them currently and share any challenges that are occupying their minds or hearts.
  • Topic of Interest – Each meeting we’ll discuss books, classes, workshops, healers and healing modalities, and other resources that can accelerate our progress along our own personal growth journey as men.
  • Final Round of Check-Out’s – Men check out with how they are feeling at the end of the meeting, what was helpful and what ideas or concepts are they taking away to use / integrate over the next few weeks.

Why Cultivate Your Own Mature Masculinity

Our world needs more mature masculine men to lead themselves, their families, workplaces, places of worship and communities by example. Come join us our our journey to transform ourselves and our lives through simply participating in a community of men who want to assist each other in recognizing and expanding their true masculine potential.

I know it sounds all emotional, vulnerable, squishy, elusive and a waste of time – but believe me, those who attend are thankful and grateful for a community meeting of men where they can:

  • Talk about what’s on their minds and in their hearts without being judged
  • Bounce ideas off of other men
  • Realize at their core that they are not alone in dealing with a myriad of men’s issues
  • Receive understanding from a male’s perspective
  • Ask for other men’s perspectives on their current situation (personal, relationship, family, career, whatever), hear how others have dealt with it, and ask questions
  • Get connected to books, classes, workshops, healers, other resources that can accelerate their progress along their own personal growth journey

Men must become “experts in themselves” in order to really experience the true expanse of fullness of life as a man. A man must channel the archetype of the warrior in order to find the truth about who he really is, face the demons of his egoic mind, and slay them in order to experience a life filled with confidence, peace, love, joy, belonging, and connection. A hero’s welcome and reward (the full riches of life) are only given to those courageous enough to go on the hero’s journey to slay his inner demons, and return triumphant.

Life is short. Join us, and accelerate your journey today! Hope to see you there…